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13th July

Don't forget to send in your photo wearing red clothes

One birthday in Nursery this week on Sunday


Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Ayomide,

Happy Birthday to you.

Jotham prepares his maths work.

Abigail from Star class prepares her maths work.

Isla finds time for fun after working hard.

Deliyet playing, working and meeting up with her cousin Raphael

6th July

New resources for our role play Church

Oscar went to the beach

Home Worship with Florence

As part of our RE topic A Virtuous Life, Florence created this prayer focus for home worship.  She used her sister Lucie's Bible, her great grandmother's really old candles, one of her mum's angels and a small cup of olive oil.  She read and talked about the story of The Good Samaritan with her family and remembered times when she had been a Good Samaritan.  She remembered the time when she helped somebody in the dining hall at school who wasn't sure what to do and she remembered times when she helped her baby cousins when they needed something.


Maths work from Miguel

Miguel painted a cereal box to create a duck pond for his Five Little Ducks.  Lovely work Miguel.

Florence has enjoyed being in a 'bubble' at the school her mum works at.  She has explored space, painting and mixing colours.  She created a piece of work showing who is in her 'bubble' at home.




Abigail's phonics work

What a beautiful rainbow Raphael.

29th June

Abigail from Star class has been busy with Maths

Looks like Raphael is enjoying practising his writing

The Very Hungry Caterpillar maths work by Alisia

Great work Alisia.  

Evan's Birthday Celebrations

One nursery birthday this week:

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Tillie,

Happy birthday to you.

22nd June

Family History Item from Giuseppe


Giuseppe's family treasure is this Sacred Heart picture.  It is 82 years old and was smuggled through the border when Polish people were displaced from the Polish Eastern lands taken by the Soviet Union after the Second World War, which ended 75 years ago last month.  Our VE celebrations in May were to celebrate the end of the war.  If the Soviet soldiers had found this picture that Giuseppe's family were carrying with them they could have been killed, just for having the picture.  As Giuseppe's mum says, "God saved all of them". 

What a very special treasure.  

Gardening, cooking and maths work from Giuseppe

Celebrating the Feast of The Sacred Heart of Jesus

RE Topic: A Virtuous Life - Some of our Nursery Nations

Jotham had a splendid birthday

Jotham reported that his birthday "was very fun and a big surprise from my sisters".  He loved the gifts from his family, and his aunt who left his present outside his front door.

All in a day's work for Ludovica

Making shape patterns

A busy week for Isla

Elijah gets busy painting

Deliyet practises writing and music

Jotham has been making patterns

Change to this week's RE work

Let's see what Miguel has been up to

15th June

Sacred Heart Stained Glass Windows

This week's Nursery birthdays:

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Florence and Jotham,

Happy Birthday to you.



From Florence's family history:

These rosary beads belonged to Florence's Great Nan and have been blessed by Pope John Paul.  They had belonged to her father (Florence's Great Great Grandad) and he passed them down to his daughter (Florence's Great Nan).  When she died a few years ago, they were given to Florence's family.  This means they have been in the family for at least five generations.  What a very precious thing to have.  


Florence's Shape Picture

What an excellent idea to use shapes to make a caterpillar.  The colours are so lovely and bright and I love the way it goes up and down.



RE Topic: A Virtuous Life

What a wonderful Good Samaritan you make Florence.

Ella went on a Gruffalo trail.

Giuseppe Sings Gilly Gilly.m4v

Still image for this video
Well done Giuseppe. What lovely singing.

What has Isla been up to?

Day trip to the seaside

Finding shapes everywhere

Learning about her body

Excellent writing practice from Jesse and Abigail

This week's birthdays in Nursery


Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Layla, Elijah and Abigail

Happy Birthday to you.


Layla celebrated her birthday  with a wonderful day at home on Monday.  She completed a treasure hunt and found all her presents, had an indoor picnic in the Amazon Rainforest, watched one of her favourite movies, Trolls World Tour, and had a chat on the phone with Mrs Higgins.  Later on she had her favourite dinner followed by this beautiful Princess Aurora cake.  Mum says that Layla is loving being four years old.

8th June

Mrs O'Mahoney's Runner Beans

What has Florence been up to?

Florence's Office

Half Term Fun for Ella

Abigail has been playing a shopping game with Nathan.

Half Term Fun for Layla

Just one nursery birthday this week: 


Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Tadhg,

Happy birthday to you.

1st June

Kindness Cup

Isla's mum is proud to report that Isla is very kind and patient with her little sister Elsie.  She spends lots of time playing with her and in these photos Isla is sharing her scooter with Elsie and helping her to ride it.  Well done Isla.

Isla Releases the Butterflies

                Exciting News for EYFS


CBeebies 'Your Mindful Garden' App: Mental Health Week



CBeebies has launched an app specifically for EYFS children called 'Your Mindful Garden' - a new app which uses daily simple

games that include breathing techniques, activities to help them relax and helping children develop emotional vocabulary.

RE Artwork

Deborah-Faith has thought about lots of ways that she can use her hands to be a "Caritas" person.

Phonics, Sorting and Counting

Abigail has been working hard.

Kindness Cup

Elias and his sister Elliana taking part in family feet washing at home on Holy Thursday, remembering Jesus' example of love and humility, learning the importance of humbly serving those around us.


Layla's mum reports that Layla has enjoyed this week's maths activity.  She had lots of fun hunting for items and has been accurately counting the number of items collected.

Florence has been learning all about Pentecost - the Church's birthday.  She watched a video clip of the story and drew a picture.  She also drew Fr. Gideon in the Church, celebrating Pentecost dressed in red.  

Florence is enjoying phonics work and doing lots of writing practice. 

18th May

Last week's mystery item

It's a hook for hanging your bag on rather than putting it on the floor when you are at a restaurant or café.  Well done to Erin and family who correctly identified it.

This week's Nursery birthdays


Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Joel and Raphael,

Happy birthday to you.

Hard at work

Isla's picture of The Ascension shows "Jesus floating in the clouds near the sun".  Isla has included a group of people watching and kisses for everybody at Sacred Heart.  She had the idea of writing the word "family" on the picture.

Isla made her own version of the maths matching task.  She used shoes and sorted them into pairs, size and colour.  She very kindly let Elsie join in.  Isla has been teaching her family all about scrimbling and finally, Isla had time to complete her 2.6 challenge which included raising money for FOSH.  

Update on Isla's butterflies

Isla's butterflies have now started to hatch.  So far she has three.  They are being fed with a mixture of water, sugar and fruit.  The fruit is their favourite.  Watch out for a further update about when the butterflies are released.

Share the love of Sacred Heart

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Florence copied all the words to make the caption.

Giuseppe loves to "do homework" from school and has also been keeping busy making pancakes and making fresh pasta with boiled milk.  He celebrated VE Day with his family by making French puff pastry cookies and spinach cake with mascarpone cream and grapes which is called Forest Moss.  In the garden he has planted carnations, sunflowers and sweet pea seeds.  He cannot wait for them to appear.




Ludovica gets creative with sparkly bits

Celebrating VE Day 75

Isla and her family had a very busy VE Day 75.  They made bunting, paper planes, had a tea party and listened to music from that time.  On their daily walk they went to look at the artwork hanging outside the school which was made by the children of our key workers with help from Miss Bailey and Mrs Rodney.  Isla heard stories about her great grandads who served in the RAF and the army and looked at old photos, diaries and war medals.



Some lovely RE artwork of The Ascension.  Florence thought it would be a good idea to wear her Christmas dress for this.  

What has Erin been up to?

Erin has been busy in the garden.  She planted courgettes a couple of weeks ago and they are growing nicely.  She has also planted parsley, carrots and basil in small pots.  As well as making a rainbow for her home she has made some for friends and family and posted them out to them. 

Isla's growing butterflies!
Isla has been looking after new “pets”!   She has been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar story and got her very own caterpillars.  She has been watching them grow super fast over the last week.  They are just about to form into a chrysalis and Isla's mum has promised to update us on the project shortly.
What a wonderful rainbow from Jotham.  You have used so many items.  Well done.

Isla's been keeping busy

As well as doing the Home Learning Packs, Isla has also been doing PE with Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga, putting on shows for her family via video calls (The Tiger Who Came To Tea is the latest acting one with prps and costume changes!), practising her writing, teaching her family about scrimbling, theme days on space, an early Halloween, experimenting with colour mixing, cooking and baking and being an excellent patient older sister to Elsie.  During the Easter holidays there was an egg hunt, card and bonnet making.

Isla has enjoyed staying up late to clap for the NHS, carers and keyworkers.

11th May

w/c 11th May 2020

Nursery Birthdays This Week


Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Adonay,

Happy Birthday to you.

RE and Write Dance by Layla

Layla is holding her page of scrimbling from Write Dance and is standing next to the tomb that she made with her sister Anaiya as part of the RE topic.  Lovely work.



Florence teaches her family about Write Dance

Florence's mummy has reported that Florence has taught her how to do the '"Write Dance".  Well done Florence.


Alisia hard at work

Alisia planted tomatoes, potatoes, coriander, lavender and forget me nots at the beginning of April.  They have all started growing except for the lavender.  Alisia is taking great care of them, watering them every day.  Fingers crossed for the lavender.

Alisia has also created a wonderful Tales Toolkit story.





Tutormate are offering a free online service with texts suitable for all levels within EYFS and KS1.  Using this link you select the level on the Home Page ranging from pink (easiest) to purple (most difficult).



Green Fingers

Elias has been busy planting in his garden.  I wonder how long it will take for that tree to grow taller than Elias?

Learning a New Skill

Sean can now ride his bike without the stabilisers.  Well done Sean.

Maths Home Learning

Elias, Florence, Precious and Layla have worked very hard on their rainbows.  Look at all those colours and different items.  Florence's cat Daisy helped.  The bottom left rainbow is by Precious.  She used a different style to make her rainbow.  The one next to it is by Layla.  It includes painted toe nails!  They are all so lovely and bright.

4th May

4th May 2020

Nursery birthdays this week:


Happy Birthday to you,

Happy  Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Mason,

Happy Birthday to you.

Well done to Florence and Abigail for correctly identifying the mystery cutlery drawer item. Abigail sent in some photos of her using it.

EYFS Curriculum Page Link:

Use the link below to take you to our EYFS Curriculum page where you will find useful websites, videos we use in class, resources and home learning ideas to meet all 7 areas of the Early Years Curriculum! You will also find photos of our learning plus lots of tips & guides for parents/carers.

Joanie and Tadhg make Tales Toolkit stories

Home Learning

27th April 2020

This week's Nursery birthdays

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Joanie and Alisia,

Happy birthday to you.

Busy bee Florence

w/c 20th April 2020


Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Adeola, Jesse, Ellis, Amara and Tim,

Happy Birthday to you.


Adeola and Jesse had their birthdays in March after school had closed and Ellis, Amara and Tim have their birthdays this week.







20th April

Hello to Sun and Star classes.  I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe and I hope you enjoyed doing your Nursery work packs.  Now it is the Easter holidays you can take a little break from Nursery work but remember, every time you are playing, you are learning something.  

During the holidays I am going to catch up on some jobs at home.  I am going to do some planting in the garden and paint the kitchen.  During the summer term at Nursery we usually do a growing topic so I will keep a diary for the runner beans I plant and let you see how they are growing.  

Oscar is enjoying the sunny weather and always looks for somewhere to sit where the sun is shining on him.

I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you.


Mrs. O'Mahoney xx

My holiday projectsOscar enjoying the sun

30th March 2020


Hello to all the children in Sun & Star classes.

I hope you and your families are all keeping well and safe.

Nursery is a very quiet place without you and all the Nursery staff are missing you very much.  We miss your smiley faces and funny stories. 

Are you managing to do some exercise to help you stay fit?  I do hope so.

I thought I would send you a picture so you can see what my little dog has been up to.  Can you remember his name? (The answer is underneath the picture.)  He has a lovely dog bed to sleep in but he has decided he wants to sleep on this pink fluffy bean bag that does not belong to him!  He is very cheeky.

Take care everybody and remember, you can really help your family by trying your best to be: Ready




With Love,            

   Mrs. O’Mahoney X

Hello from Mrs O'Mahoney

Weekly message

Welcome to Nursery.

Nursery Staff

Mrs O’Mahoney

Class Teacher and Nursery Manager

Mrs Higgins

Early Years Practitioner

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs Martinez-Rodney

Early Years Practitioner

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Miss Carmelina

Early Years Practitioner

Miss Troy

Early Years Practitoner

Miss Edwards

Early Years Practitioner

Miss Lozekova

1:1 Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Badu

Lunchtime Supervisor


It was lovely to welcome the children back after the Christmas holidays and hear all their wonderful Christmas news.

This term the children have started some new learning activities in Nursery:

Every Tuesday morning we go to the hall upstairs where they take part in a session of Write Dance in the Early Years.  This is a movement-based programme designed to develop children’s gross and fine motor co-ordination.  It uses music, rhythm, story, song, rhyme, sensory play and dance to teach the essential skills necessary for handwriting.  These skills include:  co-ordination; rhythm; wrist strength and flexibility; balance between tension and relaxation; flowing, angular, circular movements; control of speed and direction of movements; control of pressure; concentration.  If your child talks about “scrimbling”, this is a word coined for Write Dance and means working on a writing surface using a range of marks and movements.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the children take part in Class Worship Sessions.  This involves them gathering in a circle and taking responsibility for setting out and clearing away resources used to make a prayer focus in the centre of the circle.  The children listen to the Word of God and then have an opportunity to reflect on the Word and take away a Mission – something for them to carry out after the Class Worship.  Often the Mission involves sharing the story they heard that day with their family so please do ask your child about Class Worship.

We have also started Family Box.   This is an opportunity to celebrate the different cultures and traditions we have in our Nursery.   Each week two children from each class will bring home a large plastic wallet which we would like you to fill with things that are important to your family and your culture.  More details will be given when the children take the wallet home.

Pictures of these activities can be seen on the gallery pages.

This term we will be covering three RE topics: Being a Sacramental People, Buddhism and Lent to Easter.  At the end of the term we will be inviting you to take part with your child in the Nursery Easter Bonnet Workshop.  We have been reading ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson and will be creating a range of artwork as we explore the story, which will include creating and erupting a volcano.  We are looking forward to Mr Rodrigo, the Acting Assistant Headteacher visiting Nursery to read to the children during the afternoon storytime. 


Just some reminders:

When you arrive in the morning with your child, this is the best time to change their reading book.  It is also a good opportunity to stay for a short while and share a book with them. A good way for you to be able to share some of the experiences your child has during their day in Nursery is through the photos on the class gallery pages as well as the work displays throughout the Nursery.   

The children really enjoy junk modelling with all sorts of recyclable materials e.g. cereal boxes, kitchen roll tubes, egg cartons, and the children are always keen to bring these in.  There is a large box in the garden where you can drop these items off. (Please avoid any items that have been used to package foods containing nuts.)

Please ensure that your child keeps a change of clothes in Nursery and remember to replace them if your child is changed during the day.  We have a limited supply of clothes that we can use when necessary and are always grateful for donations of underwear, tights, socks and trousers that your child has grown out of.

The children come together at 3pm to share an afternoon snack and we are very grateful for donations of plain biscuits (digestives, rich tea etc) to have at this time.  If everybody brings in one packet, it should only be necessary to do this once per half term.

Finally, the children are always excited for their turn to bring home the class Prayer Bear to keep overnight so it is important that it is returned promptly to ensure everybody gets their turn.




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