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Hello to Sun and Star classes.  I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe and I hope you enjoyed doing your Nursery work packs.  Now it is the Easter holidays you can take a little break from Nursery work but remember, every time you are playing, you are learning something.  

During the holidays I am going to catch up on some jobs at home.  I am going to do some planting in the garden and paint the kitchen.  During the summer term at Nursery we usually do a growing topic so I will keep a diary for the runner beans I plant and let you see how they are growing.  

Oscar is enjoying the sunny weather and always looks for somewhere to sit where the sun is shining on him.

I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you.


Mrs. O'Mahoney xx

My holiday projectsOscar enjoying the sun

Picture 1 Oscar

30th March 2020


Hello to all the children in Sun & Star classes.

I hope you and your families are all keeping well and safe.

Nursery is a very quiet place without you and all the Nursery staff are missing you very much.  We miss your smiley faces and funny stories. 

Are you managing to do some exercise to help you stay fit?  I do hope so.

I thought I would send you a picture so you can see what my little dog has been up to.  Can you remember his name? (The answer is underneath the picture.)  He has a lovely dog bed to sleep in but he has decided he wants to sleep on this pink fluffy bean bag that does not belong to him!  He is very cheeky.

Take care everybody and remember, you can really help your family by trying your best to be: Ready




With Love,            

   Mrs. O’Mahoney X

Hello from Mrs O'Mahoney

Hello from Mrs O'Mahoney 1

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Welcome to Nursery.

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Lunchtime Supervisor


It was lovely to welcome the children back after the Christmas holidays and hear all their wonderful Christmas news.

This term the children have started some new learning activities in Nursery:

Every Tuesday morning we go to the hall upstairs where they take part in a session of Write Dance in the Early Years.  This is a movement-based programme designed to develop children’s gross and fine motor co-ordination.  It uses music, rhythm, story, song, rhyme, sensory play and dance to teach the essential skills necessary for handwriting.  These skills include:  co-ordination; rhythm; wrist strength and flexibility; balance between tension and relaxation; flowing, angular, circular movements; control of speed and direction of movements; control of pressure; concentration.  If your child talks about “scrimbling”, this is a word coined for Write Dance and means working on a writing surface using a range of marks and movements.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the children take part in Class Worship Sessions.  This involves them gathering in a circle and taking responsibility for setting out and clearing away resources used to make a prayer focus in the centre of the circle.  The children listen to the Word of God and then have an opportunity to reflect on the Word and take away a Mission – something for them to carry out after the Class Worship.  Often the Mission involves sharing the story they heard that day with their family so please do ask your child about Class Worship.

We have also started Family Box.   This is an opportunity to celebrate the different cultures and traditions we have in our Nursery.   Each week two children from each class will bring home a large plastic wallet which we would like you to fill with things that are important to your family and your culture.  More details will be given when the children take the wallet home.

Pictures of these activities can be seen on the gallery pages.

This term we will be covering three RE topics: Being a Sacramental People, Buddhism and Lent to Easter.  At the end of the term we will be inviting you to take part with your child in the Nursery Easter Bonnet Workshop.  We have been reading ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson and will be creating a range of artwork as we explore the story, which will include creating and erupting a volcano.  We are looking forward to Mr Rodrigo, the Acting Assistant Headteacher visiting Nursery to read to the children during the afternoon storytime. 


Just some reminders:

When you arrive in the morning with your child, this is the best time to change their reading book.  It is also a good opportunity to stay for a short while and share a book with them. A good way for you to be able to share some of the experiences your child has during their day in Nursery is through the photos on the class gallery pages as well as the work displays throughout the Nursery.   

The children really enjoy junk modelling with all sorts of recyclable materials e.g. cereal boxes, kitchen roll tubes, egg cartons, and the children are always keen to bring these in.  There is a large box in the garden where you can drop these items off. (Please avoid any items that have been used to package foods containing nuts.)

Please ensure that your child keeps a change of clothes in Nursery and remember to replace them if your child is changed during the day.  We have a limited supply of clothes that we can use when necessary and are always grateful for donations of underwear, tights, socks and trousers that your child has grown out of.

The children come together at 3pm to share an afternoon snack and we are very grateful for donations of plain biscuits (digestives, rich tea etc) to have at this time.  If everybody brings in one packet, it should only be necessary to do this once per half term.

Finally, the children are always excited for their turn to bring home the class Prayer Bear to keep overnight so it is important that it is returned promptly to ensure everybody gets their turn.




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