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Dear Parents of Young Voices Choir Children 
Your child can access the Children’s Music Room from the front page of the Young Voices website.
This is your access code ‘YV2020’ for your child to view all the lyrics and dance moves.
Have fun! 

Young Voices Lyrics

01 Best of the West.wma

02 Youll be in my heart.wma

03 Ode to Joy.wma

04 Kusimama.wma

05kusimama part 1.wma

06 Kusimama part 2.wma

07 Frightfest.wma

09 Shiny Happy People.wma

10Queen Medley.wma

11 I couldnt do this without you.wma

12 A thousand hallelujahs.wma

13 somebody to love.wma

14 Pop Medley.wma

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