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In the Beginning


This is our first topic this year and we have learnt all about our class Saint - Saint Elizabeth of Hungary!

We researched her life and found out that her feast day is on November 17th. She helped build a hospital and devoted herself to caring for the sick. Elizabeth wore herself out with her good works, and in 1231, at the age of only 23, she died. One of the miracles associated with St. Elizabeth of Hungary is the "miracle of the roses." As the story is told, Elizabeth was taking bread to the poor when she met her husband, who was out hunting, in the forest. Members of his hunting party suspected that Elizabeth was stealing, but, when she was asked to open her cloak to reveal what she had concealed, a miracle occurred. When she revealed what she was hiding, the bread had been transformed into roses. We created a door display for our classroom! 



We have been learning about a metaphor for the Church.

'The Church is the Body of Christ'

A human body has lots of different organs, working together to keep the body alive. This is like the Church. There are lots of people within the Church that have a different job to do and we also have our part to play. We each got into a box and once we put all the pictures together, it made the shape of the Cross!



We have also identified the different things that can be found in a Church and explained what they are for. Then, we created our own plan of what we would like in our church, including all the items we already knew. Some of us thought it would be nice to have a memorial area for those who we loved and who have passed away. We could take time to remember them and pray for them when we go to Church. 


During this topic, we played Sacrament Charades!

Learning about the seven Sacraments; Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, Eucharist, Matrimony, Holy Orders and Reconciliation. We had to guess which Sacrament each group was acting out using words, actions or symbols!

Can you guess which Sacraments go with each picture?


Sacrament Charades

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