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Good morning everyone!
My friend sent me a poem this morning and I thought you might like to read it too heart


It's called The Rainbow Children


The history books will talk of now,

that time the world stood still.

When every family stayed at home

and waved from their window sills

at those they loved but could not hold

because they loved them so.

Yet whilst they did they noticed, all the flowers start to grow.


The sun came out, they can recall

and windows, rainbows filled.

They kicked a football in their yards,

until the night drew in.

They walked each day, but not too close,

that time the world stood still.

When people walked straight down the roads

that once the cards did fill.


They saw that people became ill,

they saw the world was scared.

But whilst the world stood still they saw,

just how much the world cared.

They clapped on Thursdays from their doors,

they cheered for all the brave,

for people who risked their lives,

so others could be saved.


The schools closed down, they missed their friends,

they missed their teachers so.

Their Mums and Dads helped with their work,

their minds continued to grow.


But history books will talk of them,

now adults, fully grown.

Those little boys and girls back then,

the ones that stayed at home.

They'll tell you that they fixed this work,

of all they did fulfill.

The rainbow children building dreams,

they dreamed while time stood still.



Hi 1M!

I hope you all had a nice weekend and are continuing to look after yourselves.

I'm going to add the links to some of the games we like to play in the classroom, so you can show your adults how to play or play them with your brothers and sisters!
Adults- all children know how to play these games, don't worry!


Enjoy and I'm looking forward to seeing how good you are when we're back at school!

I miss you and I'm sending you lots of love!

Miss Main x


Go Noodle-

Hit The Button (Maths)-

Dragon ordering (Maths)-

Helicopter Rescue (Maths)-

Obb and Bob (Phonics)-

Buried Treasure (Phonics)-

Dinosaur Eggs (Phonics)-

Hi 1M!


I hope you are all well and are looking after yourselves and your families at home!


Hopefully you're enjoying the learning packs that went home with you. This is your chance to show everyone at home what amazing learners you have been in Year 1.

I've got a challenge for you...

Can you count in 2s, 5s AND 10s all the way up to 100?

I can't wait to hear it when we get back!


As well as all of your super learning, this is the perfect chance for you to do something you might not normally have time to do. Maybe you could bake a cake? Or read a story to your baby brother or sister? Why don't you write a diary each day that I can read when we get back to School? I'm really looking forward to sharing all the amazing things you've been doing.


I've been learning lots of new dances, playing lots of songs on the piano and making yummy cakes! Every morning with my brother, I've been doing a PE lesson with Joe Wicks. Maybe you could join us too at 9am? Here's the link:

It's lots of fun!


Sending you all lots of love. Keep safe, be Ready, Respectful and Safe and keep washing your hands!


Miss Main x

To 1M,


You are all superstars. I will miss you all while we're not all at School together, but I can't wait to hear about all the exciting things you have learned while at home with your family. Keep up all your hard work and I'll see you soon!

Miss Main :) x

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Hello from everyone in 1M!
We have had a fantastic year so far in Year 1 and have made so much progress across the entire curriculum. This half term, we have been learning about South America through our whole school topic. We can answer all your questions about Chile! We've really enjoyed learning about all the different animals and especially enjoyed being detectives and learning about how animals camouflage during Science Week! We have been reading The Great Kapok Tree and produced some super story retells of our own. In Maths, we have been looking at measurement and weight - we've got lots we can show you at home! 

We're really showing we know how to be Ready, Respectful and Safe and we can't wait to get ready for Year 2 in the coming months!

Hello from everyone in 1M!

We have had a great couple of weeks back at School after the Summer Holidays and we are settling into our new Classroom really well. Miss Main is our teacher this year and we are so lucky to have Miss Chiassaro and Miss Locci helping us every day. We love our new Classroom, which is filled with many different areas including construction, sand and water, working walls, bright displays and a reading corner complete with fairy lights!

Our learning so far has been so impressive! We are working really hard on using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in our writing and have been independently choosing classroom resources to help us in Maths. Our Topic this term is ‘Artists’, and we have already been learning about Henry Matisse and recreating his work. We cover lots of different subjects in Topic, including Art, Geography, Art and DT so it is always a very exciting day of the week!

We have PE on a Tuesday and a Thursday this year, so please make sure (labelled!) PE kits are brought in by Tuesday morning. We also on working on being super readers in Year 1! Children will be read with in School, but it is also so important to complete reading at home, so please do sign and comment in Reading Records.

We’re really enjoying being in Year 1 and we can’t wait to keep you updated with news and photos on our class page.

Chinese New Year workshops

Dragon dance

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Fan dance

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Umbrella dance

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