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Miss Barker Reception

Friday 3rd April:
Hi Reception B!
I popped into class today and I caught Reggie the Rabbit peeking into Miss Palmer’s class!...........
Picture 1 Reggie peeks into Miss Palmer's classroom!.jpeg
Next thing I knew, he was having a lovely time hanging out in RP’s Great Kapok Tree with the jungle animals we made!......
Picture 1 Reggie hangs out with the jungle animals on The Great Kapok Tree!.jpeg

We were having lots of fun with our Dear Zoo topic and most of us were able to meet the real zoo animals that visited our class a couple of weeks ago! But since we can’t be at school now, why don’t you watch some real zoo animals at Chester Zoo today?! You can watch it live from 10am today or catch up with last weeks zoo animal video here:

I also caught Reggie taking off Day 33 from our Lent countdown calendar! Can you work out how many more days left until Easter Sunday? (Remember we don’t count Sunday’s!)........

Picture 1 Reggie updates our Lent Countdown Calendar!.jpeg

Today would have been our last day at school before the Easter holidays!


If you would like some fun, active things to do together, the following website has some great ideas for family yoga & workout sessions, story times with famous authors & lots more!


But please take the time to have a lovely rest at home, take a break from your homework packs and enjoy time with your families for the next 2 weeks!

I miss you! Speak to you very soon!
Love, Miss Barker xx

Monday 30th March:
Picture 1

Hi Reception B!

I hope you are all having a lovely time with your families at home and staying safe!

We really, really miss seeing you everyday and cannot wait until you’re back at school for a big hug!
Keep doing your homework packs & showing your families how amazing you are at reading books on the Oxford Owl website!

Here’s some of our favourite songs we sing in class - CHALLENGE: Can you teach your adults at home the songs and make them perform them with you?! 
Phonics Phase 3 songs:
Teen Numbers:
Count to 20 song:

Miss Barker & Miss Katie have been coming to school to check on our classroom and guess what?!............
Reggie the Rabbit looks like he’s doing a fantastic job at keeping busy in our classroom & keeping it clean and tidy for when we get back!
Scroll down to see what he’s been up to!

Lots of love,

Miss Barker xxx

(30.03.2020) Reggie the Rabbit has been busy in our classroom! What will he do next I wonder?!

(30.03.2020) Reggie the Rabbit has been busy in our classroom! What will he do next I wonder?! 1 Reggie practices his phonics sounds.JPG
(30.03.2020) Reggie the Rabbit has been busy in our classroom! What will he do next I wonder?! 2 Reggie builds in the Block Area.JPG
(30.03.2020) Reggie the Rabbit has been busy in our classroom! What will he do next I wonder?! 3 Reggie performs a puppet show.JPG
(30.03.2020) Reggie the Rabbit has been busy in our classroom! What will he do next I wonder?! 4 Reggie reads a book in the Book Corner.JPG

Monday 23rd March:


Picture 1

Dear Reception B children,


Reggie the Rabbit just wanted to send you a message to say that Miss Barker, Miss Katie & Miss Fennell miss you so very much!!


You are all Miss Barker's special superstars and I am SO proud of you all!


I know you will have lots of fun at home with your families and please remember to teach Phonics & Numbers to your adults at home (I think they need some help) laugh


Have fun doing the special activities I sent home for you to do and I can't wait to hear about everything you've been doing at home very soon! Remember to keep washing those hands!


And don't worry, Reggie the Rabbit has got lots of carrots to eat while we are away! Let's hope he behaves himself!!


Love, Miss Barker xx

Hello and welcome to Reception B! The class teacher is Miss Barker and the Learning Support Assistants in our class are Miss Edwards and Mrs Fennell. Although there are two separate Reception classes, we work as a whole unit and share the indoor classrooms and Reception outdoor area during free flow learning time. Therefore children in Reception B will also learn alongside Miss Palmer and Mrs Walsh from the other Reception class.


We are very lucky to have wonderful classroom environments, full of areas to cover the entire EYFS curriculum during child-initiated learning. In the Reception B classroom is the Writing Area, a Book Corner, an RE Area, the Home Corner, Water Area Block Area and Small World resources. We also get to use Reception P’s classroom during our free flow time which has an Imagination Shop role play area, a Tinkering Table, Sand Pit, Maths Area and a large Creative Area. At lunchtime, we get to play in the big front playground with the KS1 children!


During the beginning of the Autumn term, we will be settling into Reception and getting to know our new friends and adults in our class. In Autumn 1 we cover the ‘Ourselves’ topic where we learn about each other and our families. After half term, we cover a topic chosen by the children before our Noel topic to prepare for Christmas!

In RE, we start with ‘In the Beginning’ where we learn about the Creation story. After half term, we will learn about Our Mission Statement before covering our Advent to Christmas topic.

We will begin teaching Phase 2 Phonics sounds during Phonics time at the end of September when the children are fully settled. Reading homework will begin at the beginning of October: the children will bring home a Sound Book to practice the sound taught that day and will have pages to read in their reading book every night. Monthly Maths activities will be given at the start of every month for you to engage with practical Maths at home with your child. Please look out for a parent information session on how you can help your child at home early on in the Autumn term.   


Please keep checking this page for photos and information on what we have been getting up to in class this term!

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