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Photos from you!

Leul completed the balloon and skittle science experiments! Look how the balloon has EXPANDED with just 3 ingredients! What a beautiful mixture of colours using skittles and water! Super science Leul, well done!

Ernie has been doing lots of work during the week and has been going on some lovely nature walks! Keep up the great work Ernie!

Another fantastic experiment from super scientist Mieraf! He used yeast to blow up a balloon! Well done Mieraf!

Mieraf has had a very busy working week! He has made his Stonehenge model using some cans and lasagne sheets - very creative Mieraf, I LOVE it! He also conducted the egg experiment and have a look at his superstar work about prefixes and suffixes! Fantastic work Mieraf!

Kyanne made an amazing model of Stonehenge! She used lots of things from her home to create this excellent, realistically designed model! Well done Kyanne - super work!

Chef Benhur made a pizza! I bet it was very tasty - can you guess what kind of pizza he made? Eccelente!

Leul has been doing some cooking at home! It looks amazing and I'm sure it was just as delicious! Well done Leul!

Armand has been doing lots of lovely things at home! He completed the egg experiment and said that it was really strange to touch but fun to bounce on the table! He has been learning to ride his new bike and also made breakfast for himself and his sister! Armand, you really are a star!

Have a look at Mieraf's fantastic drawing. He has used his knowledge of sketching to draw the main outline and added colour using colouring pencils! What a beautiful picture, well done Mieraf!

Armand had a lovely birthday at home! His family made him a delicious Oreo birthday cake and he got some yummy doughnuts too! Armand has been enjoying spending time with his sister and he has also been showing acts of kindness at home helping his neighbour with his shopping! Happy birthday Armand!

Leul has made a fantastic lego sculpture! Look at his beautiful RAINBOW as well!

Olly is missing everyone so much and he can't wait to get back to school to see everyone. Olly wrote a lockdown poem - can you spot the rhyming words? Olly has been doing science projects, baking delicious cakes and taking part in loads of messy play activities with his brother and sister.

Ernie and Donnie busy working hard at home!

Armand working really hard on his home learning pack at home. Well done Armand! You look like you are having fun on our games websites too! Armand has been playing lots of board games and reading books as well as his home learning pack. He misses all his friends in school. We miss you too Armand!

Ernie went for a lovely walk with his family this week and was busy climbing up the trees! Can you spot him? He also made a very impressive lego sculpture! Love these pictures Ernie!

Bayleigh is missing everyone in our class very much but she has been doing lots of exciting things at home. She had an Easter egg hunt and melted the chocolate to make some delicious rice krispie buns! She also made a beautiful rainbow fruit salad for the NHS with her little brother - how amazing!

Tommy has been really enjoying his time at home with his family. He has made some delicious cakes, a lockdown plaque and has been playing lots of games with his sister! Tommy is really looking forward to getting back to school and seeing you all very soon!

Pictures from two of our artists in 3F! Ernie and Max have worked so hard on these pictures of Saint George. Take a look at those fire breathing dragons! Well done, super work boys!

Armand creating some super sandwich making instructions! It looks like he is enjoying a 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'! Armand says he really misses coming to school, but he has also been enjoying time at home with his sister and parents. He hopes this will be all over soon!

Super scientist Olly cooking up some EXCELLENT experiments! All that hard work means a well deserved paddle in the pool! Olly hopes everyone in 3F are keeping safe and positive, and he can't wait to see you all again soon!

Ernie's been very busy! Look at that neat handwriting! Loving the beard!

Mieraf's beautiful drawings from his home learning pack! Well done Mieraf!

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