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Our Wonderful World

Our second topic this term was 'Our Wonderful World' where we learned lots about Alaska. Many of us thought that this was a country, however we learned that it is one of the 50 states of the USA. We have learned lots about the Human and Physical features in Alaska. We have learned that it is a place abundant in nature and wildlife. It is particularly well known for its many mountain ranges, lakes, glaciers and rivers. Of all the states in the USA, Alaska has the smallest population, despite being the largest state. We also learned how the Inuit community in Alaska are sadly being impacted by climate change and what we can do to try and help this. We also learned that Alaska borders Canada and compared both places. We found many similarities and differences! 


‚ÄčThis term we  have delved really deep into Geography. 'Disaster' was our first topic in Geography. We learned lots about volcanoes and earthquakes on Seesaw. We first learned about tectonic plates and how the movement of these plates causes volcanoes to erupt and earthquakes to occur. We looked at a specific case study on Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii.  The city of Pompeii is famous because it was destroyed in 79 CE when Mount Vesuvius, erupted, covering it in at least 19 feet (6 metres) of ash and other volcanic debris. The city's quick burial preserved it for centuries before its ruins were discovered in the late 16th century. We also created our own artistic interpretation of volcanic eruptions using paint, colouring pencils, markers and some even used the drawing tools on Seesaw! We also learned that Earthquakes vary hugely in magnitude. We measure this magnitude on a Richter scale. The higher the magnitude the more damage and destruction caused. 

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