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Physical Development

Here you will find videos & websites we use regularly in our Physical Development teaching at school, as well as ideas & resources to use at home:
BBC Let's Move podcasts:

Dough Gym: Building Fine Motor Strength:

Using playdoh as a resistance exercise for children's fingers is a fantastic way to strengthen children's hands and wrists. This makes them ready for fine motor activities & holding a pencil for writing! Follow the videos with a ball of playdoh, just like we do at school!

Fine motor development: Playdough song

Playdough Finger Exercises

Playdough gym and movements to help fine motor skills!

'I like to' playdough action song

How to Make Play Dough - Easy No Cook Recipe!

Physical Activity ideas to do at home:

The following activities have been specifically written for parents & carers to engage in Physical Activity with their children at home! They are directly linked to the EYFS Curriculum:

Exercise Videos for Children:

The Body Coach: 5 Minute Move

5-a-day Fitness

Five-minute exercise routines packed with high energy, low impact movements. Search '5-a-day fitness' for more routines.

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