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Enrichment Clubs

Enrichment clubs at Sacred Heart are run on a six weekly basis each term. Children have the opportunity to attend these once a week. The enrichment clubs are planned alongside the curriculum and enable the children to learn and develop new skills in many different areas of the curriculum. Below is an example of the variety of clubs we offer as a school.


                                                             Year 1-3

ART and crafts - TUESDAY

Develops the skill of creativity and imagination. Mainly based around textiles and creating items using fabric. Children will have the opportunity to develop and build on designing and sewing skills.

Dance – Wednesday

Each week children will learn new dance skills and build on previous skills learnt to create a routine to popular songs.

Football - THURSDAY

Each week children will build on previous skills and learn new skills building up to playing matches.

Cookery – Thursday

Children will learn skills to use within the kitchen making healthy dishes each week that they can bring home, share and recreate with an adult at home.


                                                                 Years 4-6

Arsenal football - Monday Girls 5-6

Coaches from Arsenal Football club will be coming in to deliver a high standard of footballing sessions to children. Developing technical abilities and game management.


Journalism - Thursday

Children will learn skills to help them write a Sacred Heart newspaper that will be published to children throughout the schools. Children will have the freedom to decide topics for the headlines each week.

Maths -Thursday

Children will play fun Maths games to develop and maintain their fluency skills, including interactive team games and timed challenges.

Sport – Wednesday

Each week children will play a different sport learning new skills and sportsmanship, playing as teams.





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