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Beginning the with Church 


During this topic we have and will continue to look at various aspects of the church and why they are important. 


This week we looked at the 7 sacraments. We looked at what they were and how the church uses words, symbols and actions to represent all of these. We then had a go at making our own symbols and actions for the sacraments and asked our partner to guess what they were. Well done 3W!




We have recently investigated Vatican II and the metaphor 'The church is the body of Christ' and what this phrase means. We believe this is because everyone has a role to play in church, no matter how small.


We designed our own churches and considered the affect Vatican II had on Mass. We prefer how mass is celebrated now as we are allowed to be much more involved! 


We've also looked at the objects within a church and the different things used in services, foe example, the pulpit, the tabernacle and pews etc. 


We have discovered more about our class saint, St Martin and worked hard to create a beautiful door display! See our photo below.


And of course, we have been reflecting on the words in hymns and their meaning within our lessons and our reflective time during class worship. 




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