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Length and Perimeter


We have found the length of different things in our classroom and have converted millimeters, centimeters, meters and even kilometers! In our lessons, we have also been doing some REAL LIFE MATHS and found out that it is 1.7km from school to Cally Pool! We have found the perimeter of lots of shapes including rectilinear shapes and we found the perimeter of shapes on a grid!

Multiplication and Division

This term (Autumn 2), we have been working on our times tables. We have multiplied and divided by 0, 1, 10, 100 and even 1,000! We have become array masters, using them to further our understanding of our times tables. 

Times Tables



Times tables are very important in Year 4. They need to be practiced both in school and at home. All children in our class were given a laminated times tables sheet for practicing at home and I would be really grateful if parents/ carers could support children's learning with this. You could also follow the link below for some interactive times tables games to play at home. 




Place Value 

Our first topic this year was place value. We have identified thousands, hundreds, tens and ones and are able to order 4-digit numbers. During this topic we have also been identifying missing thousands on a number line up to 10,000! We have identified Roman numerals and negative numbers too. During our lessons we focus on fluency, problem solving and reasoning style questions.

Roman Numerals

Sing our song about Roman numerals!

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