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Hello Y2B,


I hope that you are all ok and keeping yourselves busy whilst we are not at school. Earlier on,  I took my dog for a walk, but unfortunately I got caught in the rain and my poor dog got soaking wet! It made me think about your Science activity where you have to  investigate different materials. I think I will do the same and make a waterproof jacket for my dog. I wonder how you will get on with your investigations? I hope that you are all remembering to be super sensible and being helpful when you are staying safe at home with your family.


Miss you lots,

Miss Bailey


Hello Y2B,


I hope that you are having a wonderful week and have been busy doing lots of lovely learning. I know that you will all miss being at school, but it is very important that you stay at home  to keep yourself and your family safe. Please make sure that you check our class page daily for messages and updates. Also, remember to take some time each day to complete your learning packs.  As you know, one of my most favourite things to do when I  am relaxing is to read, and I can't wait to read some more Roald Dahl books. I look forward to hearing about which books you have been enjoying, whilst you have been spending time at home with your family. 



Take good care of yourself 2B! 


Missing you lots,

Miss Bailey 

Hello Y2B, 

I hope that your week has been going well. During my time at home, I have been keeping myself busy doing lots of different activities. I just finished a 1000 piece jigsaw. It was quite tricky, but I didn’t give up! I know that you are all very good at always trying your best and not giving up. Please keep up with your learning packs and always giving of your best. I can’t wait to hear what activities you have been doing during your time at home. 
                             Stay safe 2B,

                               Miss Bailey

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