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St Anthony of Padua (Nursery)

Welcome to Nursery - St Anthony Class! 

During Spring Term we began Phonics activities and continued to complete finger gym activities with plasticine to develop our muscles in our fingers, wrists and arms. We also started our Write Dance programme to support our core muscles and mark making skills. We have been so excited to watch the season change from Winter to Spring and completing our daily calendar helps us to keep track of the weather! We continue to develop our love of books by changing our book we take home every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! 


During Summer Term we will be planting, hopefully having some surprise visitors (keep your eyes peeled for more details) and enjoying the warmer weather outside in our sand, mud and water areas. We will also be continuing to develop our phonics and number skills, preparing us for the transition to Reception in September!


Take a look at our Curly the Caterpillar! He tells us what will happen in Nursery each day and we can use his timetable to find out what will happen next! 


We love story and biscuit time before home time, so any donations of plain rich tea or digestive biscuits are very welcome! 


Keep an eye on our class page to see what we are getting up to in class! 

Benny the Bear and Hope the Prayer Bear! 

Benny the Bear is a very special friend of Miss Palmer's. He sits in class and watches for children following our school rules - Ready, Respectful and Safe! On a Wednesday he chooses the Star of the Week and gets to have a sleepover at their house! The Star of the Week can take pictures and write about what they got up to with Benny in his special book! We can then show the class on the next Monday! 


Prayer Bear takes turns to spend one night at each child's house to help them say their prayers! In Hope's bag our the school prayers that we are practicing in school every day! When it is your turn for Hope to sleep at your house make sure you say your prayer before bed time! 

Curly the Caterpillar!

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