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Spanish at Sacred Heart

Languages are at the very heart of our school. Children are taught to appreciate and respect all cultures and languages and encouraged to share their different knowledge of languages with other children, through Spanish, topic lessons or through taking the register and greeting each other in different languages.


Spanish is specifically taught to Year 4,5 and 6. Year 3 begin to learn Spanish in the summer term to prepare them for their transition to Year 4. Profesora Maria is a specialist MFL teacher from Islington who teaches Spanish at Sacred Heart once a week on a Monday, take a look at our yearly overview to keep up to date with what your child(ren) will be learning each term. 


Spanish is the 3rd most common language spoken by our families after English and Tigrinya, we celebrate this through regular cultural celebrations throughout the school, see our Cultural Appreciation page for more information. 


See the sub pages below for some fun songs and websites with great games to support your child's learning of Spanish.


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