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Languages are at the very heart of our school. Children are taught to appreciate and respect all cultures and languages and encouraged to share their different knowledge of languages with other children, through Spanish, topic lessons or through taking the register and greeting each other in different languages.


See below for some fun songs and websites with great games to support your child's learning of Spanish.


Spanish overview 2018 -2019

Languages and Cultural Appreciation at Sacred Heart

Useful Websites 

Numbers Song in Spanish. Cancion de los Numeros.

It's a numbers song in Spanish. Una cancion de los numeros. Written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Copyright 2010 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved. For free MP3s, worksheets and much more: Amazon CD and MP3 sales:

🎶 Learn the Months of the Year in Spanish Song - Kid's Spanish songs

Chords for this song: MESES DEL AÑO Enero, febrero, marzo abril DO SOL DO mayo, junio, julio, agosto FA DO SOL DO setiembre, octubre, noviembre, diciembre SOL DO Éstos son los doce meses del año FA DO SOL DO éstos son los doce meses del año.

🎶 😊 Days of the Week Spanish Song 😊 Cancion Dias de la Semana Miss Rosi

A simple song in Spanish for kids to learn the days of the week. Lyrics and translation shown. Song by Miss Rosi. Una cancion de Miss Rosi para aprender los dias de la semana.

¡Buenos días! Song to learn Spanish greetings and daily routines

Learn greetings and daily routines in Spanish with this fun and catchy tune! Go to to watch more videos to learn Spanish There are also Spanish interactive games, worksheets and picture dictionaries available at our Rockalingua's website.

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