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Misty Mountains


Misty Mountains is our Geography topic this term. We have identified the structure of the 5 types of mountains: Fold, Fault-Block, Plateau, Volcanic and Dome. We made information booklets based on these mountains and explained how they are formed. Since then, we have studied 2 Disney movies - Tangled and Brave. Tangled is set in the German Alps, and Brave is set on Ben Nevis. We found out a lot about these 2 mountains, including their location on a world map, the continent and capital cities of the countries in which they are located, their grid reference in an Atlas, human and physical features of the country they are in and finally, the type of mountain that they are. We have also been studying time zones this year, looking at how it is a different time in different countries. We have LOVED this topic!

The World Through Different Eyes

We have looked at different artists during this topic:


Frank Bowling

Hurvin Anderson

Kara Walker

All three artists have very different styles, creating art with different tones, textures, patterns, lines and mixes of paint and colour. The artists create with different mediums; Frank Bowling uses watercolours whereas Hurvin Anderson uses acrylic paint. Kara Walker on the other hand, creates art instillations using black card cut outs and light. We created our own versions of artwork inspired by Bowling and Anderson! We also created shadow puppets based on our book, 'The Witches' and acted out our scenes in a real puppet show!


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